Ecuador’s Forever Flowers

By Thursday July 13th, 2017Noticias
Giving roses is a detail that will never go out of fashion, but can you imagine to keep a rose forever? Nowadays this is reality with the preserved roses industry. The Ecuadorian entrepreneur Sofia Jaramillo sells roses that look and feel and smell like roses, but with the endurance of a rock.As you can imagine, this is no easy feat. Preserved flowers are grown on a plantation like any other flower but once they are cut, undergo a radical transformation of sap substitution, in which the flower is dehydrated, dyed, dried and eventually sold, for as much as $20 each in the United States, and $12 domestically. Almost as remarkable is the peculiar form of alchemy is Jaramillo’s workforce. All packaging is done by women over the age of 50, a segment of the workforce that is traditionally short on employment options. “It is a very good thing for us because many companies employ only people up to 40 years (of age),” says one of the packagers, Rosario Cardenas, “after that age a person do not have much chance to get a job.” Says Cardenas’ co-worker Aura Pereira, the job means freedom: “I have more independence, I am free, I have my things, my money, my time” This is a gift that promises surprise and time endurance.