EBF Cargo along the years has been recognized as a trustful cargo agency for logistics and transport, by the exporters and importers of fruits worldwide.
EBF Cargo has the biggest (2000m2), self owned, temperature controlled coolers in the market; giving confidence to our clients regarding quality and handling of their products.
Logistics specialized multilingual agents in EBF are 100% in charge of the complete process of transporting.
Production of fruits for exportation, especially exotic fruits in Ecuador is growing constantly in volume since the year 2000 aprox. especially pitaya and maracuya.
The high production of these products depends on the climate, however it concentrates from October to April.

Fruits in our portfolio, which we export are: Yellow Pitaya, Red Pitaya, Passion Fruit, Cucumber, Kiwano, Mango, Baby Banana, Berries, Baby banana, tamarillo, naranjilla, guanabana, and more.
The expertise in the market and strong relationships with all the airlines have allowed us to keep growing in number of shipments every year.
Countries like China( including Hong Kong), Singapur, Amsterdam, France, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, United States, Canada Dubai,and more; have been happily working directly with us.

Producers and exporters in Ecuador know we are the most fruits-specialized freight forwarder in Ecuador
Quality is our pillar.

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